Benefits of sustainable tourism

Sustaining the environment

Keeping the tourism industry reasonable and balanced

In the recent past, tourism has become a primary source of revenue and the most influential industry for many countries across the globe. Sustainable tourism is defined as a kind of tourism that aims at positively impacting the environment, economy, existing community and their cultural heritage. There are various forms of sustainable tourism such as ecotourism, cultural tourism, and nature-based tourism. Discussed below are some benefits of sustainable tourism.

Help to conserve the natural resource: Sustainable tourism encourages the local people and government to maintain a safe environment that can support tourism economy currently and in the future. This enables a nation to give tourist an experience beyond the usual seas and beaches.

A primary source of revenue: Sustainable tourism acts as both direct and indirect source of income to the government. It serves as a direct source through income received by taxing tourism employment and businesses. On the other hand, it makes an indirect contribution through taxes received from good and services given to tourists such as hotel services.

Create employment opportunities: Rapid growth of sustainable tourism has led to a significant creation of employment opportunities. This has enabled the host community to earn income hence improving their well-being and also helping to eradicate poverty.

Conservation of the Cultural Heritage: Sustainable tourism encourages respect and significant connection between the tourist and local people and thus enhances local pride and self-confidence. Additionally, it encourages visitors to understand the cultural, social and environmental issues facing the residents.

Enhance development of infrastructure: Tourism stimulate the local government to improve the infrastructure such as roads, electricity, water, telephones e.t.c. This helps to improve the living conditions of the local people.

In conclusion, Sustainable tourism has a significant impact on both local and national economy. It is, therefore, important for governments across the globe to plan and teach about sustainable tourism. This will enhance awareness of how tourism can help to conserve the natural environment and contribute to maintaining the cultural heritage.