3 New Updates to PIF Functionality

Our digital PIFs just got three useful updates. You can now generate PIFs in bulk, automatically include our polar diving questionnaire in your clients’ PIFs, and generate PIFs either in German or English based on your clients’ language preferences.

Under the Northern Lights of Greenland

Driving towards the port in Akureyri, I recognized Plancius from miles away. This was the ship that once took me to the end of the Earth, the ship that inspired me to give up everything back home and begin a […]

10 Conversation-Starting Svalbard Facts

Being an iced-over, snow-heaped, bear-packed island at the edge of the world has its advantages: For one, you’re at least unusual enough to warrant talking about. And Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago situated so far north it redefines the term “off […]

10 Tried-and-True Bird Photography Tips

It’s easy to understand the human fascination with birds: They’re beautiful, graceful (usually), and physiologically equipped to take flight while we’re tethered to the ground. But how do you best capture the essence of that enviable aviary freedom in photographs? […]

10 Weather-Fueled Facts about Antarctica

Most of us have at least a vague notion of what makes the North and South Poles so brutally, bone-chillingly cold: They receive less sunlight than the rest of the planet, and what sunlight they do receive arrives at an […]

In Search of the Northwest Passage

In the first half of the 19th century, Napoleonic War veteran and British Second Secretary to the Admiralty, Sir John Barrow, envisioned what Britain’s sailors should do after the war: explore the unknown regions of the world, namely the Arctic. […]