In Search of the Northwest Passage

In the first half of the 19th century, Napoleonic War veteran and British Second Secretary to the Admiralty, Sir John Barrow, envisioned what Britain’s sailors should do after the war: explore the unknown regions of the world, namely the Arctic. […]

Taking Chances: A New Lesson from the Arctic

Some days just don’t get off to a good start. Today was one of them. Our vessel, m/v Plancius, had spent the night sailing toward Phippsøya, one of the famous Seven Islands forming the northernmost segment of the Svalbard archipelago. […]

10 Bountiful Blue Whale Facts

“Whale” is the common name for a variety of marine mammals. The Latin word cetus gives the species its scientific title, Cetacea. Whales come in two categories of Cetacea. The largest, Mysticeti, are characterized by their baleen, sieve-like structures in […]

Seven Key Pointers of Website Functionality

Of the many features our website makes available to you, there are six you won’t want to miss: You can now book our cruises online, view and download 360-degree images of the vessels and cabins, read and obtain trip logs […]

Puffins: The Sea Clowns of the Circumpolar North

Puffins belong to a family of 22 species of seabirds called Auks, pigeon-sized birds that live on a diet of small fish and crustaceans. Puffins catch their prey by swimming underwater and chasing it down. There are four species of […]

20 Resounding Reasons to Travel to the Falkland Islands

You’ve visited the colossal South Georgia penguin colonies, sailed among the plunging seals of the Antarctic Peninsula, whale-watched in the Weddell Sea beside a backdrop of titanic tabular icebergs – but if you haven’t visited the Falkland Islands, you’re missing […]