The secrets of Antarctic seals revealed

There live only six species of seals in the Antarctic: Southern Elephant Seals, Antarctic fur seals, crabeater seals, leopard seals, ross seals and weddell seals. While we know of them, there are many secrets of their lives that we have […]

Say hello to Kongsfjorden, Svalbard

Kongsfjorden is a glacial fjord in Svalbard that harbours a mixture of Arctic flora and fauna. It is an open fjord with no sill at its entrance, meaning the Atlantic waters that flow in make it a sub-Arctic rather than […]

Why gardening is excellent for your health!

gardening for health

1. Gardening can lower your danger of stroke (along with other activities as jogging and swimming) as reported in “Stroke: Journal of The American Heart Association”. 2. Gardening burns calories. Gardening is thought about moderate to high-intensity workout. According to […]

Encounter with the emperor penguin in Antarctica

Dutch journalist Gemma Venhuizen embarked on the MV Ortelius during the Weddell Sea cruise ‘In search of the emperor penguins’. She had several encounters with this majestic penguin species – both from the sea and from the air.

The World Is Changing for the Native Inuit People

You may know them as ‘Eskimos’, but the people of the Arctic are officially called the Inuit. Historically, they were hunters in the truest sense. For hundreds of years they survived the world’s harshest conditions, living off their prey of […]

Kayaking In Greenland

The kayak is a quick, agile boat, invented by the Inuit, the native people of Greenland. For centuries, perhaps thousands of years these skilled hunters and fishermen used this light, mobile platform to hunt their prey. They still do.