What is sustainable tourism?

Up till the late 19th century, nature trips were not popular as well as, consequently, inadequately established. Visitors that reported regarding their explorations as well as experiences (e.g. Herodotus as well as Aristotle in old Greece and also Marco Polo […]

Sustainable Tourism Definition

Sustainable tourism, one that develops an ideal equilibrium in between the ecological, socio-cultural and also financial facets of tourist advancement, plays a vital duty in preserving biodiversity. It tries to lessen its influence on the culture and wildlife as well as […]

Remembrance of Expeditions Past

Today I sit in the sun, thinking back on the years I spent with my Oceanwide family since my retirement in 1997. My first trips were on a little Russian vessel, Grigoriy Mikheev, which carried only 44 passengers – but […]

Five Must-See Tips for Top Partner Potential

Our website portal exists to facilitate your partner relationship with Oceanwide Expeditions, but to get the most out of the available functions it helps to have a little know-how. Here are five useful tips for maximizing the value of your […]

The islands that call Svalbard home

Svalbard is located between the North Pole and the Norwegian mainland and is home to some of the most dramatic and isolated landscapes in the world. This post comes from the RSS feed of Oceanwide Expeditions, you can find more […]

Ortelius on my mind

Imagine having an alarm clock that didn’t wake you with the usual BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! but instead purred gently into your ear, “Good morning. This is your wake-up call. The weather is beautiful, the traffic light, and your breakfast is […]

An igneous paradise: Franklin Island

In the most desolate reach of seas on Earth all those adventurous enough to journey on the Ortelius to the Ross Sea excitedly hopped onto zodiacs in the southernmost corner of the Pacific Ocean. This post comes from the RSS […]

Weddell Sea: the Original Antarctic Adventure

According to the historian Thomas R. Henry, you have to be brave to visit the Weddell Sea. In 1950 he wrote in his book, The White Continent, about sudden “flash freezes” that occur in the area. In fact it was […]