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A Look at Sustainable Tourism


Over 20 years
Sustainable tourism has been advancing
marked the approval of the official UN statistical standard
in 3 of the 17 SDGs
Tourism is mentioned


The Network consists of National Forums, which include members from each country in the Americas. The Forums each have National Liaisons that comprise a General Assembly, along with representatives from certification programs. The Network also has a Technical Secretariat, responsible for coordinating the Network's operations; this position is currently held by the Rainforest Alliance, an international conservation organization. Membership in the Network is free and voluntary; there are currently over 130 members from 23 countries in the region.

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The Doctor Is In: Interview with Polar Expedition Doctor Lauke Bisschops

Forget choosing between sprawling city hospitals and small boutique clinics, subways compared to streets, ambulances versus Uber versus your own speeding automobile. When you’re cruising in the Arctic and Antarctic, the nearest hospital is a long way off, and in […]

3 New Updates to PIF Functionality

Our digital PIFs just got three useful updates. You can now generate PIFs in bulk, automatically include our polar diving questionnaire in your clients’ PIFs, and generate PIFs either in German or English based on your clients’ language preferences. This […]

Under the Northern Lights of Greenland

Driving towards the port in Akureyri, I recognized Plancius from miles away. This was the ship that once took me to the end of the Earth, the ship that inspired me to give up everything back home and begin a […]

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