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A Look at Sustainable Tourism


Over 20 years
Sustainable tourism has been advancing
marked the approval of the official UN statistical standard
in 3 of the 17 SDGs
Tourism is mentioned


The Network consists of National Forums, which include members from each country in the Americas. The Forums each have National Liaisons that comprise a General Assembly, along with representatives from certification programs. The Network also has a Technical Secretariat, responsible for coordinating the Network's operations; this position is currently held by the Rainforest Alliance, an international conservation organization. Membership in the Network is free and voluntary; there are currently over 130 members from 23 countries in the region.

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Baleen Whales – The Gentle Giants of the Ocean

They are the largest animals on Earth, yet they live off some of the smallest. They can grow to lengths of 30 meters (90 feet), but it is the microscopic zooplankton, krill and small fish that sustains them. These are […]


Some interesting wellness tips to push your health in the right direction

The majority of us hear the term health and presume that it’s something beyond our reach. Or maybe we believe that health is just for sophisticated yogis, holistic physicians, or health specialists, however not us– not daily individuals simply working […]

A mishmash of penguins

ot all penguins we see during our cruises are found on the snow-covered landscapes of Antarctica. In fact, numerous penguin species are distributed from the Antarctic right up to the warmer waters off New Zealand and South America as well […]

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